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Who are we?

Presentation of GDR Vertige

What do we do

GDR Vertige initiatives

The various initiatives to stimulate the implementation of research projects and the training of vertigo professionals

Annual Colloquium

Summer School

Thematic Teams


GDRV Annual Award

Donation Campaign


The GDR Vertige Colloquium is the culmination of a year of GDRV activity. This is the moment when the group members, as well as the multidisciplinary actors of the neuro-otology community come together around topical themes relating to vestibular physiology and pathophysiology. It is a moment of exchange and sharing that brings together more participants every year.


Summer School

The VERTINNOVATION thematic school is one of the tools offered by the GDR Vertige to promote training to students, young researchers, clinicians or nursing staff, in research in neuro-otology. This initiative also helps to strengthen the links between GDR partner structures. The project consists of offering participants the opportunity to share a common week of theoretical and practical training, in contact with internationally renowned researchers and clinicians. Various laboratory and hospital-based workshops are offered, as well as courses on various selected themes.


Thematic Teams

The thematic teams (TT) of the GDRV constitute the basic elements of the research carried out in the group. Each TT has its own theme, linked to the major questions or puzzles of our specialty. They are made up of researchers, engineers and clinicians who work together to advance our knowledge on the selected subjects. The TT manager coordinates the team’s activity.



Since its creation, the GDRV has broadened its horizons beyond the borders of France by integrating the DIZZINET (European Network on Vertigo) and by promoting the establishment of exchanges and collaborations with various foreign learned societies around balance and dizziness. These exchanges enrich the actions of the GDRV and allow us to forge close links with our foreign colleagues.


GDRV's Annual award

The expertise and organization of the GDRV allows to select and distinguish the most daring and promising scientific and clinical research projects in terms of innovation and response to medical need. Since 2021, two projects are awarded “GDRV’s Projects of the Year” in order to support their fundraising efforts with national and international organizations and foundations.


Donation Campaign

A national donation campaign has been launched since 2020 to help finance the GDRV projects. You can make your donations by check to your practitioner or directly online by bank transfer through  the page “Donation Campaign”.

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Donation Campaign

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