24 and 25 September 2021 Campus Saint Charles Aix-Marseille University

The 2021 edition of the GDR Vertige Symposium will be devoted to vestibular rehabilitation. For several decades, rehabilitation of vestibular functions has been based on basic and clinical research findings on the mechanisms promoting vestibular compensation. These mechanisms include both actions aimed at promoting sensory and behavioral substitutions, pharmacological management, or even psychological management of patients.

The 2021 Symposium will pay tribute to Dr Michel Lacour, one of the pioneers in the study of vestibular compensation in France, through his electrophysiological, neurobiological and behavioral approaches in animal and human models of vestibular loss.

During the two days of the Symposium (Friday 24/09) and Saturday (25/09), researchers, clinicians, vestibular rehabilitators from all over Europe will present studies on neurophysiological mechanisms that support the vestibular rehabilitation process, and on transfer of fundamental knowledge to patients. The contribution of the studies carried out by Michel Lacour will be honored.

“The sooner rehabilitation begins, the better the functional recovery”
– Michel Lacour

As every year, an important place will be preserved for discussion and exchanges with vertigo and rehabilitation professionals through questions / answers at the end of plenary presentations.

Registrations will be open from June 18, 2021 by clicking on the “I’M REGISTERING” button above. Please note that registration for the Symposium will be validated upon receipt of payment. Except for specific presentations, the Meeting will be held in French.