How is GDRV funded?

GDR Vertige's sources of funding

The actions and initiatives of the GDRV are financed through several channels:

Annual Dotations from CNRS

Project funding

Donations & Sponsors

An endowment of € 7,500 is allocated by the CNRS at the start of each calendar year. This allocation is mainly used for the general operation of GDRV (setting up and maintenance of the website, organization of steering committee, working meetings, support for the organization of the annual conference and the summer school, development of partnerships, GDRV representation in French and international conferences, communication ...).

Scientific and clinical research projects developed by the Thematic Teams are funded through applications to the calls for projects from French and European research funds (ANR, ERC, Horizon Europe, etc.), foundations (Foundation pour l'Audition, Foundation for medical research ...), as well as through public-private partnerships.

Donations from patients or vertigo professionals specifically targeted to research projects proposed by the Thematic Teams are also a source of funding for the GDRV initiatives and projects. Several private partners support the activities of the GDRV through regular sponsorship actions within the framework of the annual conference and the VERTINNOVATION summer school.

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