Clinical Services

The ENT and head and neck surgery departments of the main French University hospitals have been members of the GDRV since its creation.

Research Teams

Research teams from the main French research Centers (CNRS, INSERM, INRS, CEA leti, Institut de audition) are among the founders of GDRV. Researchers and teacher-researchers from these structures are members of the different EQTEMs according to their specialty.

Biotech Companies

Several Biotechs in the field of Neuro-otology are members of the GDRV. These companies participate in exchange with clinicians and researchers, and contribute to the research effort through funding certain projects.

Professional Associations

The SFKV (French Society of Vestibular Kinesitherapy) and the SIRV (International Society for Vestibular Rehabilitation) are members of the GDRV. They contribute to GDRV initiatives and support research projects launched by EQTEMs.

Learned Societies

The International Society of Neuro-Otology (SIO), the Moroccan Society for Balance and Vertigo (SMEVE) and the Tunisian Medical Society for Vertigo (STMV) are associated with the GDRV.


In 2022, the GDRV intends to support the creation of an association of vertigo and unstable patients on the model of the American Association of Vestibular Disorders (VeDA).


Hospital Services


Research Teams


Professionnal Associations



The creation of the GDR Vertige made it possible to regroup within a single and visible entity, a multidisciplinary community, often dispersed and not very visible. Thanks to the various actions of the GDR Vertige (thematic school, annual conference), the various components of the neuro-otology community have learned to meet, to know each other, to exchange on their complementary role with the patient and to launch interdisciplinary research projects bringing together research teams, clinicians, vestibular and industrial physiotherapists.