Once a year, the GDR Vertige Symposium brings together members of the GDR, as well as various multidisciplinary players in the Neuro-otology field. Over two days, various events (plenary conferences, round tables, workshops, exhibitions) are organized with the aim of promoting exchanges and collaborations around major issues affecting research on vestibular pathophysiology and management of dizzying patients. The conference is held the last weekend of September on the Campus St Charles of the Aix-Marseille University.

Previous Meetings

Symposia 2015 to 2019

Each year the Symposium is centered on a new theme






2015 Meeting

The inaugural edition of the GDRV took place on September 25 and 26, 2015. This first edition was devoted to the theme “How to innovate in neuro-otology”. Extensive discussions made it possible to identify the needs of the neuro-otology community and to foresee opportunities for collaboration between laboratories, hospital services and industry. This inaugural Symposium brought together nearly 70 people, mainly comprising the directors of research teams members of the GDR and the heads of ENT departments of the main French University hospitals. About twenty physiotherapists, liberal ENTs and students and academics from Pole 3C were present at this Symposium.

Colloque 2015

2016 Meeting

The 2016 GDR Vertige Colloquium was held in Marseille on September 23 and 24. Its theme was: “Acute peripheral vestibulopathy: etiology, diagnosis, therapy”. A particular focus was placed on the physiology and pathophysiology of contacts between mechanoreceptors and vestibular nerve fibers. This theme allowed us to come back to the imaging methods that today allow us to see better and see more precisely the inside of the vestibule, to one day reach details and markers allowing to orient therapy more precisely. Finally, we took stock of the avant-garde techniques and methods which today allow to really intervene within the sensory organs of the inner ear, to regenerate and repair sensory cells, promote repair of contact between hair cell and primary neurons or the interface between these same fibers and the vestibular implant (see intervention program below). The Colloquium brought together around 90 people.

Colloque 2016

2017 Meeting

The 2017 edition of the GDR Vertige Colloquium held in Marseille on September 22 and 23 focused on the links betwee vestibular system and cognition. The functions controlled by the vestibular system are now expanding to areas as diverse as those of spatial and social cognition, the affective-emotional sphere, as well as body and self-awareness. This conference was an opportunity to review knowledge on cognitive disorders that can result from damage to the vestibular system, on the need to detect them early, for better care of patients in neuro-otology and vestibular physiotherapy. We examined how vestibular functions are dependent on cognitive and emotional context and to what extent knowledge of the link between cognition and vertigo can promote future therapeutic approaches. 120 participants (15% French-speaking foreigners) attended this conference.

Colloque 2017

2018 Colloquium

The 2018 edition of the GDR Vertige Colloquium was entitled: “Vestibular Compensation: from fundamental bases to therapeutic applications”. Under the generic term Vestibular Compensation, we designate all processes that contribute to the restoration of posture and balance after vestibular damage. Although this phenomenon is familiar to professionals involved in the care of dizzying or unstable patients, and constitutes one of the key points in the rehabilitation process, its mechanisms and neurophysiological bases are still poorly understood. During the two days of the conference, we took stock with researchers, ENT doctors, neurologists and vestibular physiotherapists on current knowledge of the fundamental mechanisms underlying vestibular compensation, and on the impact of this process on the establishment of the diagnosis and implementation of appropriate treatment. About a hundred participants attended the meeting.

Colloque 2018

2019 Colloquium

For its 5th anniversary, the 2019 GDR Vertige Symposium was devoted to one of the most unusual phenomena in neuro-otology: the generation of Endolymphatic Hydrops. During the two days of the Symposium (Friday September 20 and morning of Saturday September 21), a panel of international researchers and clinicians presented the most recent discoveries regarding the physical mechanisms of hydrops generation, the genetic and hormonal tableaux that can promote its appearance, new hydrops imaging techniques, as well as current and developing therapeutic approaches. This theme was a great success with a record attendance of more than 120 people for this edition.

Colloque 2019