Vestibular Reeducation

Team Objectives

Initiate and supervise research themes in the field of Vestibular Rehabilitation, to benefit the entire community of vestibular physiotherapists through publications.

The primary mission of this Team is to lead reflections in innovative fields and outside any dogmatism.

Work in progress

  • Adaptation of vestibular functional exploration tests to rehabilitation practices.
  • Role of the vestibular rehabilitator in PPPD patients.
  • Oscillopsia and vestibular rehabilitation.

Team Members

Jean-Marc Alexandre

Jean-Marc has practiced the rehabilitation of vertigo and balance disorders for more than 25 years, at the Brugmann CHU in Brussels, within a multidisciplinary team. He comes from the world of central neurology, paralysis and balance disorders, and in this clinical continuity, wanted to explore peripheral and central vertigo. Since 2000, he has been teaching at the Haute Ecole Libre de Bruxelles Ilya Prigogine. In 2007 with his team he created a multidisciplinary certificate specializing in rehabilitation of vertigo and balance disorders,. In 2011, the Vertiges Clinic was founded in Brussels, a reference center for the multidisciplinary management of vertigo, balance disorders, motion sickness, etc., where he practices rehabilitation whose common thread is active movement. , the conscious and cognitive dimension of movement and sensory perception. Since 2018, he has also worked at the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc. He is a founding member of, a professional association of which he is a scientific advisor.

 Franck Assaban

After a career as a Vestibular Physiotherapist (IUD Functional Balance Rehabilitation, Paris VI-2009, DIU Vestibular Rehabilitation, Paris VI-2010, DU Sensory Handicaps and Rehabilitation of Balance Disorders, Paris VII-2010), Franck quickly identified, in 2014, all the potential that the use of virtual reality could bring to the care of its patients thanks to its immersive and realistic aspect. He founded Virtualis in 2015 and is the designer of the software and platforms for Assessment & Rehabilitation. He has this dual skill: healthcare professional and Virtual Reality content designer. Franck is regularly invited to international scientific congresses to present his work, show the potential of VR for therapeutic purposes or provide his expertise as a therapist.

Cécile Bécaud

Cécile is particularly involved in the management of pediatric vestibular disorders, whether at the University Hospital Woman Mother Child (HFME) of Lyon as in liberal practice. She holds an IUD for exploration and rehabilitation of balance disorders. She teaches vestibular rehabilitation as part of Continuing Education as well as within several IUDs; Cécile is particularly in demand in the fields of vestibular rehabilitation in children. She is a member of the SFKV and the International Society of Otoneurology.

Eric Blin

Eric has been practicing vestibular physiotherapy since 1995. He holds a DU sensory handicap, a master’s degree in health engineering. He teaches at the IFMK of Saint Denis (CEERRF) and is one of the co-founders of the SFKV. He exercises vestibular physiotherapy in Enghien and performs ENT functional exploration vacations at the Simone Veil hospital in Eaubonne. He also actively participates in the life of the International Society of Otoneurology as an associate member.

Olivier Dumas

Olivier practices vestibular rehabilitation in private practice in Lyon and teaches vestibular exploration techniques at the Lyon Sud University Hospital Center. Holder of a DU in exploration and rehabilitation in otoneurology, he has been teaching since 2006 (continuing education, e-learning, independent organizations, IFMK de Lyon, several inter-university diplomas). He was one of the co-founder (2013) of the French Society of Vestibular Kinesitherapy (SFKV); he is also an associate member of the International Society of Otoneurology (SIO). Olivier is particularly involved in functional exploration techniques for vertigo adapted to physiotherapy.

Alain Godbout

Alain is a physiotherapist and worked in the vestibular rehabilitation clinic at the Linsay-Gingras rehabilitation institute in Montreal for over 30 years. He also teaches vestibular rehabilitation in the physiotherapy program at the School of Rehabilitation of the University of Montreal as well as at the Professional Order of Physiotherapy of Quebec, which in 2014 awarded him the Excellence Award. He is currently involved as an advisor on several vestibular research projects, ranging from galvanic stimulation to the development of tools to assess PPPD.

Sylvette Wiener-Vacher

After having followed a complete training of surgical ENT as Assistant at Tenon hospital in Paris for 4 years Sylvette went to live 5 years in the United States for a post-doctoral period as part of her Neuroscience thesis. Back in France, she focused on adapting and developing vestibular tests in children. Appointed Hospital Practitioner, she performed these functions for 30 years at the Robert Debré University Hospital in Paris, 2nd center for cochlear implantation in children in Ile de France. She started vestibular exploration in children in 1991 when she was the only one to dare to test young children with balance disorders, often from an early age. Respecting the function of the balance of the young child has been and remains his fight, especially in the indication of cochlear implants. She was able to show that complete bilateral impairment of vestibular function in children represents a real and profound handicap. During all these years, Sylvette has associated a research activity on the role of vestibular information in children, as a clinician in child vestibulometry with the creation of the pilot service for the study of balance disorders in children at Robert Debré, and teaching.