A selection of the best research projects

The expertise and organization of the GDRV allow it to select and distinguish the most daring scientific and clinical research projects and the most promising in terms of innovation and response to the medical need regarding vestibular pathologies. Starting 2021, two projects are awarded “GDRV Prize of the Year” in order to support their fundraising efforts with national and international organizations and foundations. Grants of € 1,000 and € 500 will be allocated each year by the Fondation du CNRS to the two projects selected and prioritized by the GDRV committee of experts.

How to apply?

Redaction of projects: 

Research projects are presented in the form of a document of 3 pages maximum in PDF format (including bibliographical references). The document consists of the following parts:

  • Title
  • State of the art
  • State of the question
  • Proposed program
  • Road map (with GANTT diagram)
  • Expected results
  • Presentation of the project leader, his team and potential partners
  • Bibliography

Expert committee: Projects are evaluated and ranked by a committee of expert clinicians and researchers, partially renewable each year.

Opening of the Call for Projects: The GDR Vertige Call of project is open from May 1 to May 31 each year.

Evaluation and ranking of Projects. Projects are evaluated between June 1 and June 15. The names of the winners are published on the GDRV website before end of June each year.

Letter of support from the Evaluation Committee. A letter of support for the selected projects is sent to the winners by the Chairman of the Committee of Experts to support the search for funding.

Payment of grants: The awarded grants (1000 € to the project classified N ° 1 and € 500 to the project classified N ° 2) are paid to the winning teams by bank transfer before the end of June.

Project application: 

During the opening period of the Call for Projects, research projects are sent by email to the following address:

  • christian.chabbert@univ-amu.fr
  • An acknowledgment of receipt will be returned to you as soon as possible.

Publication of results

Announcement of results : 

The name of the laureates and the title of the selected projects are published on the home page of the GDRV website by the end of June each year. An email presenting the results is also sent to all candidates.


Selection criteria

The submitted research projects are evaluated according to the criteria below:

33 %
33 %
33 %